Thursday, March 02, 2006

Me 'running' for the Blogathon!

'So why do girls get all worked up with sleazy, or read it 'casual' comments or just- a- few- here- and- there pinches and feel- ups, I mean, can't you take it as a compliment or just simply IGNORE? Why get offended?', said one of my male- friends and a colleague, while I narrated to him how a guy started acting fresh when I was on my way to office in a jam- packed 461 bus. Yeah, right! Try saying this very thing to your sister/ daughter/ mother/ wife and you will know, I thought angrily to myself and didnt even bother to answer back to such insensitivity of a 'well qualified, highly educated' individual. And felt the anguish, the helplessness belongs only to me and nobody else and its just ME and nobody else who can fight for myself.
And lo! I stumbled upon the Blank Noise Project, something very sensible and constructive that's happening off late. This project speaks about street harassment and what all can be done about it, where all of us 'eves' get royally 'teased' by the wannabe Abhisheks and Shahrukhs on the streets and bridges and gallis and koochaas.
This project forced me to start blogging, just to be a participant in the Blogathon thats due on the 7th of this month, to begin with, so that I can just puke out all the experiences, the frustration and anger and free advices I had since I was six??!!
And of course even those few punches and a few kicks here and there on those demented guys didnt turn out to be as satisfying as it will be by participating in the Blogathon.
So people, I guess its high time we crib and rant and bray and squeal about this pestering issue too and come up as a strong force to curb or at least put it under strict control as its rising day by day at an alarming rate.
I will be writing a seperate blog for the Blogathon before the 6th, why not you too be a part of it?
Also, feel free to forward this little piece of info to anyone who you feel would be interested in participating.
Do make a point to visit Blank Noise Project and get inspired, get moving.


Blogger Deepti said...

My 'girl' friends and I used to share our experiences and empathize with each other.. it was only after reading my post, did the guys come and tell me, "Why did you never tell us about all of this? Why were you silent? I never knew"... And that was when I realized that it was worth it.. and those few disbelievers.. they soon became converts after they read the support and the numberous equally virulent testimonials!!

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